BigraphER (Bigraph Evaluator & Rewriting) is an implementation of Robin Milner’s Bigraphical Reactive System (BRS). Its main features include:

  • Native support for both bigraphs and bigraphs with sharing
  • Efficient matching engine based on SAT
  • Probabilistic and stochastic reaction rules
  • Rule priorities
  • Instantiation maps
  • Graphical output
  • Simulation
  • Exhaustive state space exploration
  • PRISM probabilistic model checker export
  • Predicate checking

BigraphER is research software and has been used in many Publications.

Installation & Usage

The easiest way to get started with BigraphER is using the pre-compiled binary image which should work on Linux-like systems. Note: in some cases you will need to make the binary executable using

chmod u+x bigrapher-1.9.3

For other system variants, we recommend using the prepackaged Docker available using the following command:

sudo docker pull mseve/bigrapher

and run using

sudo docker run -i -t mseve/bigrapher:latest

BigraphER can be invoked within the container using the command bigrapher.

If you do not have access to Docker, or would like to build from source, please visit the Source Repository.

Work with BigraphER

We would love to hear how you are using our bigraph tools. Please do drop us a line to let us know what you are working on, would like to collaborate, or if you need any help!

Contact Details: Michele [dot] Sevegnani [at] glasgow [dot] ac [dot] uk, Blair [dot] Archibald [at] glasgow [dot] ac [dot] uk